Oregon Caves National Monument

The Monument is located at an elevation of 4,000 feet (1,220 meters) on the wooded slopes of the Siskiyou Mountains, part of the coastal mountain range of Oregon and California. When you visit, expect comfortable summer temperatures, snowy winters, and rain during spring and fall.

Underground Journey: Step back in time and tour the passages inside Oregon Caves.  Exploring the caves has been a tradition for more than a century. All tours are Ranger-led and your guide will take you through the marble corridors and discuss the caves' natural and cultural history.

Above Ground Adventures: In addition to exploring the caves, have fun discovering what lies on the surface above the caves.  There are a number of different adventures to experience above ground.
This region is recognized to be one of the most geologically unique and botanically diverse in the United States, so take advantage of your visit!

If you stay: The Oregon Caves Chateau is one of Oregon's most striking lodges.  Featured in "Great Lodges of the American West" on PBS, the Chateau is a beautiful six-story, bark-clad building spanning the tiny valley caused by the stream that flows out from the cave.    Read by a cozy stone fireplace, stroll the creek, and stay the night in charming, rustic rooms. The Caves Chateau is one of Oregon's best-kept secrets.

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