Historic Photo Tour of Ashland

All Photos courtesy Terry Skibby

Ashland Springs Hotel

"The New Hotel" circa 1925


The Alhambra Saloon in 1880.  The brick building to its left is the northern most building on the Plaza (where Mix Sweet Shop is).


The Chautauqua Building circa 1918, built in 1916.  The circular concrete foundation walls still stand today covered with ivy and enclose the Shakespeare Festival’s Elizabethan Theater.


An early look at the Shakespeare Festival’s outdoor theater circa the 1930’s.


Circa 1910, is where Alex’s Bar & Restaurant was located...you can now sit on that balcony (not the original) and have a glass of wine and dinner overlooking the Plaza.

In 1886 there were already parking problems on the Plaza.
You are actually looking at the present day Plaza and entrance to Lithia Park circa 1890.  Ashland Mills, built in 1954, was torn down in 1909 to make room for the park.  As you enter the park, look for a plaque on a concrete bench that memorializes the very spot the Mill stood, honoring one of its owners, Jacob Wagner.

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