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The Klamath River begins at the southern end of Upper Klamath Lake, just north of the town of Klamath Falls. Flowing southwesterly, the Klamath is one of only three rivers that bisect the Cascade Mountain Range, flowing 250 miles before emptying into the Pacific Ocean in northern California. The Klamath is home to an abundance of fish and wildlife, and cuts through the breathtakingly beautiful canyons of Klamath National Forest in northern California.


The Rogue River begins near Crater Lake and empties into the Pacific Ocean 215 miles later in Gold Beach, Oregon. Its exceptional beauty earned it a spot as one of the eight charter members of the National Wild and Scenic River Act of 1968.
Famous for salmon and steelhead fishing, intense whitewater, and diverse range of wildlife, the Rogue River is one of the United State's most popular recreation destinations.


The Wild and Scenic Illinois River is unique because it is one of the last remaining major rivers in the Pacific Northwest without a human-made obstruction that inhibits salmon migration. The water has a clarity that is much different than the Rogue River and one section of the river goes through the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, where the only access is by raft or kayak. It may be the most wild and inaccessible river corridor remaining in the United States.


For those interested in fishing or whitewater rafting trips, the area has an abundance of great commercial outfitters that offer a fantastic range of adventures ranging from lazy beginner runs up to intense class IV-adrenaline-pumping white water trips.

  • Noah's (541) 488-2811
  • Adventure Center (541) 488-2819
  • Kokopelli (541) 201-7694
  • Ashland Rafting Co. (541) 201-1114
  • Wilderness Medicine (541) 482-0667
  • Momentum River Expeditions (541) 488-2525
  • Rogue Angler (541) 488-6454
  • Hellgate 800-648-4874
  • Rogue Klamath River Adventures, 800-231-0769

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